Katie is not taking on any new design work until late fall 2017. She will do her third-best to respond to your project requests, but don't be offended if she seems to be MIA from the internet. Its only because she is.

Katie Tonkovich

Katie is a visual designer. She likes to get her hands dirty. She takes the time to understand her audience, thinks best in holistic systems, and tries to build sustainable solutions. She thinks a computer is a tool, not a solution. She sometimes talks about herself in the third person to establish credibility, often to limited success.


Awards and Features

Graphic Design USA Student to Watch, 2015

Winner of the Academy of Art MFA Award for Design Excellence, 2014

Featured on AIGA Behance Gallery, 2013
Featured on Packaging Design Served, 2013
Featured on We the Color, 2012
Featured on Typography Served, 2012



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