INDOSOLE IS A footwear company
whose brand was in need of an update.

brand refresh / style guide / icon set design


Indosole is a young footwear company based out of San Francisco and Bali. The company uses a wide array of repurposed materials, most notably, the soles of all of their shoes are made out of repurposed tires. In 2016 the Indosole brand was transitioning: their price-point was increasing, their key customers were now in the late-20s to early-40s as opposed to previously targeted college-to-recent-grads.

The brand needed a bit of a facelift; it needed to appear more dependable and mature. This project succeeded in evolving the Indosole style and establishing consistent brand guidelines throughout all touch-points from emails to shoe boxes to pitch decks, without loosing the energetic environmentally-conscious vibes that make Indosole great.